Mr PS was involved in an accident at work. The circumstances of the accident were that Mr PS was specifically asked by his Team Leader to help him to lift and move a pallet full of boxes containing clothes from a roller on the floor. When Mr PS and his Team Leader took hold of the pallet and tried to lift it, Mr PS felt pain in his back.

The Defendant, TK MAXX never accepted liability for the accident. Mr PS’s Team Leader said that he does not recall lifting with Mr PS the pallet full of goods. The Defendant produced documentation confirming that Mr PS had various trainings including manual handling training.

On 13th January 2015 we had a trial. Quantum was agreed at £14,000.00 subject to liability. A judge said in his Judgment that Mr PS was a very good, reliable and consistent witness. The judge said that he did not find Mr PS’s Team Leader an honest witness. When the Team Leader was asked by Mr PS’s Counsel whether he was working in a hectic and busy environment the Team Leader just laughed. The judge said that beyond the fact that the Defendant had well documented training documents, they failed to implement safe system of work. Mr PS was awarded £15,568 inclusive of interest.

£15,568 for a back injury awarded at a trial

30 Jan 2015

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I do want to thank you very much for all you did in handling our case and taking us through what was a difficult journey, particularly for me. I found it very emotional and frustrating a lot of the time, and you handled the situation (and me and my husband!) very well, and I am genuinely unsure anyone else would have been able to do that. I appreciated you were so approachable and I could be entirely honest with you, and air my frustrations, and you could take all that in your stride and as ever be professional. Thank you.