Mr P was working for a company specialising in repair and service of fork lift trucks. A fork lift truck arrived at the company premises and needed to be unloaded from the back of a lorry. As Mr P was inspecting the truck, a lorry driver reversed another fork lift truck and struck Mr P crushing him between the two trucks. He suffered multiple injuries requiring hospital treatment. He fractured both collar bones, multiple ribs, his arm, leg and ankle. He required surgery to fix the leg fracture. He was in hospital for 2 months recovering from his injuries. Although he recovered fairly well, he was left with permanent problems preventing him from bending down or climbing in and out of a fork lift truck which was an essential part of his job. He tried to return to work but his employer terminated his employment on the grounds that he was unable to perform his duties. It is likely that his ankle will get worse as he gets older.

Mr P’s claim was pursued by Tim Beasley, Partner, and Ewa Kosim, Polish speaking paralegal at Levenes Birmingham office. The claim was made against the employer and the company employing the lorry driver. Liability was admitted by the Defendants. Medical reports were obtained in relation to the injuries suffered. Evidence was obtained to show all the claimant’s financial losses. A settlement of the claim was agreed in the sum of £250,000.00.

£250,000 for multiple injuries in a fork lift truck accident

19 Sep 2014

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I want to thank you infinitely for the great job you did with my case! For me it was very difficult the moment, being away from home, without managing the language well, without the slightest idea of what to do and with the only desire for justice to be done! But you did it. You were always attentive to all my doubts, concerns, etc... Above all, I want to highlight the human treatment that I received from both of you! Many thanks!!! Juan Pablo de la Camara