The Claimant, an experienced HGV driver, was getting down from his trailer. He held onto a strap to keep his balance but it was badly worn out and he fell to the ground from a height of 2 metres. Unfortunately, this caused a very serious wrist injury, which prevented the Claimant from working as an HGV driver and he had no alternative but to return to Poland.

The employer went into liquidation. Levenes were able to negotiate out of court settlement of £86,500 for the Claimant’s injuries and financial losses.

£86,500 settlement for a fractured wrist

10 Jul 2014

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Please say thank you to Mr Colin Martyr on my behalf for his hard work. He is the best solicitor in the world and I am glad that I allowed him "to worry for me". I did not expect such great final result. I am ecstatic and I would like to thank everybody who was involved in my case. Ewa I would also like to thank you as well. We had better and worse moments as it was a very long and emotional process for me. If I did something wrong I do apologise :). “Our client faced obstructive and delaying tactics from defendant insurers after she was a passenger in a road traffic accident but the Defendants attempted to argue that the claim was subject to Polish rather than English law.” A.B.