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About us

Levenes, a personal injury claims specialist law firm established in 1989, has 4 partners and over 40 staff based in offices in London.

Levenes is recognised as one of the best law firms in the UK in personal injury claims and which you can give full confidence.

We are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Several of our Personal Injury lawyers are members of the Law Society’s Personal Injury accreditation scheme.

Accident Claims

If you are worried about the cost of claiming for an accident, we are here to allow you to sleep peacefully. Our accident claims team can take care of your case on a “no win, no fee” basis. This means you can make a claim without financial risk. We are able to provide immediate legal representation and rehabilitation support throughout the UK.

Each year, we are finalising thousands of cases for compensation from £1,000 to well over £1,000,000. Your case will be conducted by an experienced lawyer and in more complicated high value cases, we work together with a team of specialist lawyers.

We can arrange a meeting with you at home, at work or in the hospital. Our offices are located close to public transport and are adapted for people with disabilities.

We speak your language

As an exceptionally diverse firm we are proud to offer our services in over 18 languages without requiring the use of interpreters. This, along with the strong links we have built up with the communities we serve, enables us to offer a high quality, personal service.

How we can help

We offer legal services in recovering compensation to individuals, who suffered a personal injury as a result of an accident in England and Wales. If you suffered an injury in an accident which was not your fault, please contact us for free preliminary advice.

Injury Claims

Our solicitors at Levenes deal with all sort of injury claims, mainly:


We also conduct compensation claims for:


In some cases, we can also help to recover compensation for a personal injury suffered as a result of a criminal act of violence, such as assaults and rape.

Injury Claims Advice

If you have suffered an injury as a result of any of the above you could make a compensation claim. Contact us or call 0800 048 2355 and get free claims advice.

Serious Injury Claims

We specialise in catastrophic serious injury claims resulting in life-changing injuries. These personal injury claims often require multi-disciplinary cooperation with various medical and other professionals, providing diagnostic services, treatment and psychological support to our clients.

We also deal with thousands of claims involving less severe injuries and are happy to help on a no win no fee basis.

Interim payments

If the compensation claim is complicated and requires more time to conclude, due to the severity of injuries, we can help with obtaining an interim payment. This process will ease the financial pressure of a person who is unable to work due to their injuries, and their families.

Funding personal injury claims – No Win No Fee

We are often able to act for individuals on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. Providing that you cooperate with us, there is no financial risk to you if your claim fails. You have therefore nothing to lose and hopefully a lot to gain. Get in touch today and make a claim – 0800 048 2355.

Nationwide Coverage

Our offices based in London and Birmingham have excellent transport links and are fully accessible to those with disabilities. We can arrange home, hospital or workplace visits and travel abroad to see a client, if necessary.

We act for many clients who left the UK and now reside abroad. Those clients can still litigate their claims in the UK. They might be required to travel to the UK for a medical examination and, should the claim proceed to trial, to attend the trial hearing. Otherwise, there is no requirement to reside in the UK to make a claim arising from personal injury in the UK.

How much compensation can you recover?

Each case for compensation for an accident is different and the amount of compensation paid in these matters varies significantly. Many factors can affect your case and affect the total compensation received. Our lawyers specialising in post-accident compensation have the necessary knowledge and experience to make sure that your claim covers all the support you require and financial compensation. Get in touch to discuss how much compensation you can recover.

Compensation guidelines for personal injury

Apart from compensation for personal injury, which is assessed based on medical evidence provided by a medical expert or experts, a person who suffered a personal injury might also claim financial losses and expenses, the main being:

  • Loss of earnings – if you were unable to work due to your injuries. These are normally calculated based on your pre-accident earnings. A self-employed person will have to provide copies of their tax returns in support of their claim for loss of earnings.
  • Care and Assistance – if as a result of your injuries, you are unable to cope with your personal care and day to day activities, you might be entitled to claim for the time and attention of your family and friends who looked after you and help you with your daily routine, such as household chores, childcare or shopping.
  • Medical Expenses – you will be entitled to claim the money you paid for the costs of private treatment, diagnostic scans, prescriptions, over the counter medication, dressings and any medical aids. It is very important to preserve any documentary evidence, such as invoices, receipts or other proof of payment made, in order to be able to recover the full expenses.
  • Travel expenses – one can also recover the cost of travelling caused by the accident or injuries, for example, the cost of alternative travel arrangements in case of a road traffic accident or costs of travelling to and from medical appointments.
  • Future losses – if according to your medical evidence, you will suffer losses and expenses in the future due to your inability to work, requiring future treatment, medication and medical aids, care and assistance or any specific adjustments, such as a need of an adapted vehicle etc, this forms a part of your claim.


These are just some of the main examples, but each case is assessed on its own individual evidence and we will advise you as the case progresses.

In the most serious cases, we can appoint a case manager to help coordinate medical treatment, care, therapy and support to get you back on your feet as far as possible.

Get Claims Advice

If you have been injured in an accident you can be left with lots of uncertainties. The one certainty is that our expert team of personal injury solicitors are here to help you and your family. Get claims advice from our personal injury solicitors today and find out within 1 hour if you can claim compensation and get things back on track. Call 0800 048 2355.

Claim in confidence today 0800 048 2355 or leave your details below to find out within an hour if we can help.

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