Levenes Solicitors represented Mr RS in a claim against a Sainsbury’s van driver for compensation for the injuries and losses suffered as a result of a road traffic accident.

Mr RS was cycling correctly along the road when he was struck by a van. The van driver had not seen our client and drove in to the path of our client. A claim was made against Sainsbury’s insurers who at first stated that their client was stationary at the time of the accident. Luckily for Mr RS, video recorded by a camera mounted on his handlebars showed that the van suddenly swerved to the left and struck Mr RS knocking him to the floor. When the insurers saw the footage they admitted liability.

The video camera proved the van driver’s negligence and without this vital evidence this could have been a case of the word of the cyclist against that of the van driver.

Mr RS has received £3,859.40 in compensation for his injuries, damage to his bike and losses associated with it.

The cycle injury claim was presented by paralegal, Dagmara Sztynyk and Partner, Tim Beasley.

Partner, Tim Beasley, who also uses a camera to record his own rides, said that this footage shows the value of having a video camera which can make all the difference in proving the case. The footage also shows how “cycle lanes” of the sort used by the cyclist in this incident are actually potentially dangerous for cyclists and bear no comparison with cycling infrastructure to be found in the Netherlands and Denmark where cyclists are usually completely segregated from motor traffic.

Bike Camera Footage Wins Case For Cyclist

09 Jul 2015

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Big thanks to Tim and Dagmara - they led to a positive end of a very difficult case, they did not give up even for a moment, even though I did not believe in winning anymore. I highly recommend this team - huge experience, determination in acting for the benefit of the client, very good contact at every stage of the case. Mr P.