Personal Injury Case Studies

£15,568 for a back injury awarded at a trial

Mr PS was involved in an accident at work. The circumstances of the accident were that Mr PS was specifically asked by his Team Leader to help him to lift and move a pallet full of boxes containing clothes from a roller on the floor.

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£11,000 for dog bite victim

Mr H* was visiting his girlfriend at her home when he was bitten by an Alsatian dog that had not been secured by its owner in the premises below her flat.

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Levenes secure £5.25m settlement for road accident victim

Tim Beasley, Managing Partner of Levenes Birmingham office, has secured a settlement of £5.25m for Mr DR, who suffered a serious spinal cord injury in a road accident in 2012. Mr DR was a passenger in a vehicle when the driver lost control. The vehicle rolled over and came to rest on its roof compressing the Claimants spine.

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£250,000 for multiple injuries in a fork lift truck accident

Mr P was working for a company specialising in repair and service of fork lift trucks. A fork lift truck arrived at the company premises and needed to be unloaded from the back of a lorry. As Mr P was inspecting the truck, a lorry driver reversed another fork lift truck and struck Mr P crushing him between the two trucks.

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Lorry driver receives £18,000 for finger fracture

Mr Sean Morley* was working as a lorry driver delivery loads to a dual carriageway where construction work was going on at the side of the road. One lane of the dual carriageway had been coned off and Mr Morley had to drive down the slip road, on to the carriageway and then reverse back up the closed off lane.

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£86,500 settlement for a fractured wrist

The Claimant, an experienced HGV driver, was getting down from his trailer. He held onto a strap to keep his balance but it was badly worn out and he fell to the ground from a height of 2 metres.

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I want to thank you infinitely for the great job you did with my case! For me it was very difficult the moment, being away from home, without managing the language well, without the slightest idea of what to do and with the only desire for justice to be done! But you did it. You were always attentive to all my doubts, concerns, etc... Above all, I want to highlight the human treatment that I received from both of you! Many thanks!!! Juan Pablo de la Camara