Levenes Solicitors are pursuing a 7-figure industrial injury claim for Karolina Lubieniecka who suffered a life changing injury in an accident at work.

Karolina, 30, was working for Cheshire Mouldings Ltd in St Helens, who manufacture wooden mouldings which are supplied to B&Q and other DIY and trade outlets.

Industrial Accident Injuries

Karolina sustained significant injuries. She was cleaning a machine when her hair and scalp were torn from her head by an unguarded moving part of the machine. Her thumb was also amputated. Her left ear was also lost along with most of her right ear.

She has been left with extensive scarring to her cheeks, forehead and arms and the effect of the skin having been pulled has changed the shape of her eyes.

Cheshire Mouldings and their director Paul Carney have been convicted of Health and Safety offences in relation to the incident. They are due to be sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court on 2nd July 2019.

Karolina is bringing an industrial injury claim for damages for the injuries and losses she has suffered.

She is facing many years of treatment to try to repair the damage she has suffered, and the cost of private treatment is a significant part of her claim. She is being treated by some of the finest plastic surgeons in the world who are working on improving her appearance. She will also have state of the art prosthetics.

Comment from our Head of Catastrophic Injury Claims

“Karolina has amazed us all as to how she has coped with what has been the most horrific experience”, said Tim Beasley, “Thanks to the support of her fiancé, and treatment from a psychologist, she remains optimistic for the future in spite of the ordeal she has gone through”

As for Cheshire Mouldings, they have a terrible track record of health and safety, Levenes have discovered in the course of investigating the case, including a previous case where a lady suffered the amputation of several fingers in an unguarded machine.

Press Reports

Links to this case and the previous reported case are below.



Levenes injury solicitors have issued proceedings in the High Court. The amount of compensation to be awarded for the injuries and losses suffered in Karolina’s accident will be decided at a later date.

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Big thanks to Tim and Dagmara - they led to a positive end of a very difficult case, they did not give up even for a moment, even though I did not believe in winning anymore. I highly recommend this team - huge experience, determination in acting for the benefit of the client, very good contact at every stage of the case. Mr P.