On 27th April Isidoro Bonilla, Senior Solicitor and Abogado in Levenes specialised in Foreign Claims was invited to Malaga to talk about Accidents at Work in the English Jurisdiction.

The Law Society of Malaga and Cremades Calvo Sotelo Abogados organised a very interesting International Private Law Seminar where Insurer representatives, lawyers from different jurisdictions such as Scotland, England and Spain shared their views with Claimant and Defendants Spanish practitioners.

Amongst other topics in discussion the speakers covered Cross Border Jurisdiction Road Traffic Accident Claims, Travel and Package Regulations claims and Hotel claims.

Isidoro spoke about how liability and quantum issues are dealt in Accidents at Work in the jurisdiction of England and Wales. He also provided with clear practice examples and underlined the importance of some procedural points that are not common in other jurisdictions.

Spanish Lawyers with interest in International Law practice were delighted with the topics discussed. The conference was also followed in stream by members of the Law Society of Malaga.

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I do want to thank you very much for all you did in handling our case and taking us through what was a difficult journey, particularly for me. I found it very emotional and frustrating a lot of the time, and you handled the situation (and me and my husband!) very well, and I am genuinely unsure anyone else would have been able to do that. I appreciated you were so approachable and I could be entirely honest with you, and air my frustrations, and you could take all that in your stride and as ever be professional. Thank you.