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Tim graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in law in 1989, and then went on to qualify as a solicitor in 1992.

He has specialised in personal injury work since 1998. Tim joined Levenes in 2000 and became a Partner in 2004.

In 2017, he became Head of Catastrophic Injury. Tim has worked on a number of challenging and high value cases involving spinal cord injurybrain injurylimb amputation and chronic pain cases. He has handled cases that resulted in multi-million pound settlements as well as taking cases to trial, the latest of them:-

  • £6.5m settlement for cyclist suffering tetraplegia after a collision with a car.
  • £5.25m settlement for passenger in a car who suffered partial paralysis, due negligence of the driver.
  • £3.5m settlement for brain damaged car passenger when the driver skidded on a road and crashed the car in a ditch.
  • £1.7m settlement plus £60,000 per year index linked tax free payment for life after brain injury.
  • £7.5m settlement for double below knee amputation of a road construction worker hit by a lorry that was out of control.
  • £5m settlement for pedestrian struck by a car as he was walking along the road.
  • £7.2m settlement for young man born with brain damage.
  • £1m settlement for man suffering multiple injuries when struck by a falling tree.


Most of Tim’s cases are clients who have been personally recommended to him including recommendations from counsel.

Tim’s expertise and experience in Brain and Head Injury claims work has been recognised by Headway, the leading Brain Injury charity which has appointed Tim as a member of the Headway Solicitors Directory, and by the Spinal Injuries Association for Spinal Cord Injury claims.

Tim has considerable experience in claims arising from accidents abroad where issues of jurisdiction arise.

He leads a team who specialise in representing clients who do not speak English. Members of his team are proficient in several languages and in some cases are dual qualified as solicitors in England and Wales as well as other jurisdictions.

Tim also acts as a Court of Protection appointed Deputy where clients are unable to manage their property or affairs or make financial decisions because they lack mental capacity, often after traumatic brain injury.

Tim is known for his strategic approach and has an ability to see the detail as well as the big picture. He relishes taking on difficult cases and has often succeeded in cases where others have failed.

Tim believes strongly in using the claims process to unlock funding for rehabilitation from the insurers.

Tim is passionate about helping seriously injured clients make the best possible recovery from their injuries. He is a strong supporter of the Rehabilitation Code of Practice and enjoys working with clients, case managers and experts to get the best possible outcome for the client.

He spends much of his time in conferences with client’s and experts as well as drafting complex schedules of loss, and attending settlement meetings where claims are often settled.

Although he attends court from time to time, his careful preparation of cases, is often the key to the other party wanting to negotiate to avoid going to court.

Tim’s clients love his down to earth approach. He is known for his ability to take on challenging cases and he has the knack of explaining complex issues in a way that is easily understood. The rapport he has with clients puts them at ease, removing any anxieties or worries that they might have had.

Tim handles a range of cases, but reserves his greatest passion for representing cyclists, as a cyclist himself. One of his biggest settlements was for a cyclist who suffered tetraplegia after a collision with a car.

In his spare time, Tim rides his bike as often as he can. He has cycled from Lands End to John O’Groats (raising £2,500 for the Spinal Injuries Association and the Child Brain Injury Trust) as well as a solo ride from Calais to the Mediterranean. He has ridden the London-Surrey 100 sportive, also in aid of the Spinal Injuries Association.

He is also a more than competent boater, and has enjoyed boating holidays in England, Ireland, Belgium, Holland and France. He holds an International Certificate of Competence for the Navigation of Powered craft in Inland Waterways.

Tim is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers who are dedicated to furthering the interests of accident victims.

He is also a member of the Pan-European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers (PEOPIL), The London Cycling Campaign, and Push Bikes- the Birmingham Cycling Campaign.

Levenes Solicitors are in the Headway Solicitors Directory for Brain Injury Claims and The Spinal Injuries Association Solicitors Directory for Spinal Cord Injury claims.

LH v Acar

Spinal cord and brain injury suffered by motorcyclist following collision with car that pulled in to his path

Motorcyclist was alleged to be speeding. Case won at trial on liability and later settled at joint settlement meeting. Settlement terms included the right to apply for further compensation if a serious deterioration in his condition occurs. Please click here for media coverage.

DE v MR Ltd

Spinal Cord Injury – Paraplegia

A worker at a rubbish recycling centre fell from height when a machine was switched on when he was undertaking maintenance on the machine. The Claimant suffered complete paraplegia as a result of a spinal cord injury. Please click here for media coverage.

Mr R

Brain injury in single vehicle collision

Claimant suffering head injury affecting vision in one eye when the car he was in crashed. Please click here for media coverage.

KL v Cheshire Mouldings Ltd

Recovered multi-million pound settlement for life changing scalp injury

This is a remarkable story of an inspirational beautiful young woman who suffered the loss of her scalp, her ears and thumb when her hair was caught in a moving part of a machine which she had been instructed to clean even though part of the machine was still running. Please click here and here for media coverage in the BBC and Guardian. Please click here and here for other media coverage news.

ZJ v Valley Grown Nurseries

Claim for fractured skull, and an ankle injury in an accident at a farm settled for a 6 figure sum

This was a disturbing case of a worker suffering life-changing injuries as a result of working with defective equipment without appropriate safety measures. HSE guidelines to protect the safety of employees were not followed and employer was also subject to a criminal prosecution of the employer. Please click here and here for media coverage.

LO v Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Trust

Serious concerns about paediatric services at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Trust following the death of baby, Jacob Owczarek

Levenes Solicitors are calling for a full investigation into how basic medical care of a vulnerable child was neglected with tragic consequences:-‘’..Typically, hospitals make statements that they will learn the lessons after these sorts of cases, but in this case they clearly did not. The management of the hospital trust has serious questions to answer”. Please click here for media coverage.

CR v Grosvenor Group Limited

Life changing injuries compensation

Settlement for life changing injuries after Claimant was struck by a tree. Levenes solicitors have secured a 7-figure settlement for a Claimant who was struck by a tree. The Claimant suffered multiple injuries including a head injury, psychological injuries and multiple fractures.The tree in question was in a park near to where the Claimant was working. He took a break from work and was standing near to the tree when it fell on him. Please click here for media coverage in Evening Standard.

VR v Skyfire Insurance Company Ltd

Tragedy strikes on M20 as lorry overturns due to Defendant’s Negligence

The Claimant and his wife worked together as lorry drivers. The husband suffered psychological and physical injuries and his wife was killed as a result of a tragic road traffic collision when the Defendant, driving a Mini Cooper vehicle on the M20, Ashford, lost control of her vehicle. She travelled across 2 lanes and collided with our client’s vehicle. This caused our client’s vehicle to overturn.  Our client’s wife suffered catastrophic bodily injury and died at the scene.  Our client suffered physical and psychological injuries and their three children lost their a mother. Please click here, here and here for media coverage in Kent News.

QR v J. Reddington Ltd

Brazilian circus troop horrific crash with two members killed at A11

Our clients were part of a Circus Troop of 15 members. They were travelling through Europe and stationed at the time in the town of Great Yarmouth where they had been performing for the last 8 months. The accident happened when they were leaving England in order to fulfil a new contract in Italy and while travelling on the A11, near Cambridge, when their caravan was hit by a Van driver who was not paying attention. Two members of the troop passed away as a result of the accident and all the others sustained physical and psychological injuries. This accident caused terrible grief and trauma and although some of the performers were able to perform again, they never again performed as one troop. Please click here for media coverage in Norwich Evening News and here for other media coverage.

JS v H E Payne Transport Limited

Three-lorry M5 crash leaves driver dead

Levenes Solicitors act for a driver involved in this horrific collision involving 3 lorries on the M5 in which one lorry driver died. Our client managed to help one driver to safety but was powerless to help the other driver. Please click here for media coverage in the BBC. Please click here and here for other media coverage news.

The BEST. My family and myself would trust them blindfolded!… 5* Trustpilot review

The best solicitors I could have chosen, by far.When me and my family were in distress, and we needed the most mr Tim, and ms Michele have both held our hands and guided us throughout the process, from the first steps of starting the claim, all the way getting the doctors I needed, up to the end, being really trustworthy and fair. They have helped me on everything, were always available, always providing accurate information. We were really lost and Levenes did everything to get the best possible outcome, and I really had. I can’t express enough how grateful we are for choosing Levenes, and we will recommend Levenes to everybody. I would give 6 stars across the board, without a doubt.

They arranged for me to see top medical experts…5* Trustpilot review

I contacted Levenes after I suffered an injury when I was out running and I twisted my ankle. It was an unfortunate accident but then I was badly let down by the hospital who misread my Xray and failed to notice that there was a fracture. So they sent me home without treating me properly. I was walking on my injured ankle for weeks, because they told me that it was just a sprain and it would be fine. It was not getting any better so I arranged my own private Xray and then the fracture was spotted. I turned to Levenes to bring a case against the hospital. The case was dealt with by solicitor, Dagmara Sztynyk and partner, Tim Beasley. They got to grips with the case. They kept me regularly updated. It was very important to me that they understand all the facts of my case and they answered all my questions and always explained things very clearly. They arranged for me to see top medical experts who were able to provide the proof that the hospital were negligent. At every stage, Levenes moved my case forward and the level of contact I had was very good – I never felt that I was in the dark about what was happening in my case. They explained everything to me very clearly. They concluded my case very favourably without having to go to court. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in similar situation.

His professionalism and huge knowledge are everything what I need… 5* Trustpilot review

Excellent service. They took my case from another unreliable Solicitor who was absolutely rubbish. They took it round and acted immediately achieving awesome good result. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anybody. Specially Tim who help me with everything. His professionalism and huge knowledge are everything what I need. Thank you very much.

It was very difficult case and was taken just before limitation…-5* Trustpilot review

Thank you very much, Ms. Dagmara and Tim, for helping me with my case. It was very difficult and was taken just before limitation, even though they were able to help. Thank to this I received high compensation.

Close personal attention and prompt response to any questions…  5* Trustpilot review

My father was knocked off his bike by a motorist cutting a corner, shattering his left tibia and leading to the need for major surgical reconstruction. Even before we commissioned his services, Tim Beasley from Levene’s guided us through the process of preparing his case and later of making a Personal Injury claim. Tim’s close personal attention and prompt response to any questions instilled confidence from the start, and his terms were very competitive. Despite the driver’s attempt to duck liability at first, the claim led to a timely and very satisfactory payment from the driver’s insurers. Thank you! Couldn’t recommend more highly.

When you sustain a brain injury… Tim and his team looked after me… 5* Trustpilot review

When you sustain a brain injury, the world seems a scary place and Tim and his team looked after me despite throwing my toys out the pram a few times and were patient, knowledgeable, reassuring and did the very best to get me compensated for my injuries. Cant recommend Tim and his team enough.

Made sure I got see best doctors… 5* Trustpilot review

Having been involved in a serious cycling accident in September of 2017 levenes took my case on and treated me with respect and kept me informed throughout the case and made sure I got see best doctor’s to get me back on my feet again. Can’t recommend this firm enough, and a big thank you to Tim Beasley who handled my case.

Cyclist hit and ran over by car; thorough discussions with Tim to ensure the right decision was made … – 5* Trustpilot review

Having unfortunately been involved in a serious road traffic accident that led to 2 months in hospital I would highly recommend Levenes for anyone in a similar situation. Tim and Colin were always very helpful and spared time for visits or phone calls when needed. Deciding to settle out of court was made easier following thorough discussions with Tim to ensure the right decision was made. Thank you for your help and support in this very trying time. I will recommend you to others without hesitation.

Huge thanks to Tim Beasley… a work accident, spinal cord and severe brain trauma… – 5* Trustpilot review

My husband had a work accident which has left him with multiple injuries including spinal cord and severe brain trauma in 2016.It was devastating and our life was completely ruined.Through all these bad times Levenes Solicitors has always been beside us and provided all the support we needed.We are especially thankful to Tim Beasley and Mehtap Arslan who worked with us on our case.We are awarded with a decent amount of compensation and without Levenes everything would be harder for us. We are very pleased to work with Levenes Solicitors.Thank you for everything you had done for us.

Thank you for your support and guidance Tim Beasley, recommend Levenes for complex, multi-jurisdictional cases… – 5* Trustpilot review

A serious non-fault collision in France left me unsure what my legal rights were. I found Levenes solicitors online and they had the skills and experience to explain the process so that I was able to confidently bring a case in the UK. Tim Beasley was professional and understanding, particularly when the diagnosis of PTSD was confirmed. Even though I often felt overwhelmed by the accident, the legal case and subsequent treatment, he was able to help me complete all the necessary elements with compassion, patience and an unfailing ability to make a complex process easy to manage. Communication was second to none (with a particular acknowledgement to Mehtap Arslan) and I highly rated the secure system for the sharing of documents and sensitive information. I was more than satisfied by the resolution, I felt that everybody did their best to represent my case properly and a fair result was reached. I would confidently recommend Levenes for complex, multi-jurisdictional cases.

To anyone who has suffered a life changing injury… – 5* Trustpilot review

To anyone who has suffered a life changing injury, I recommend Levenes. They will take great care of you and be there for you every step of the way. Levenes Solicitors are not just a law firm, they are amazing people, who work very hard. I am really grateful that I instructed them to work on my personal injury case and I have now been awarded a substantial amount of compensation for my injuries and my financial losses. They provided me with great care and the support of the best doctors in Great Britain and a case manager to help coordinate everything. When I was in a difficult financial situation, I was not left alone, they helped me. They called me after every surgery to check if I was OK and if I needed anything else – that was really nice, and I was really happy that I was not left alone. I cannot imagine that someone else could have handled my case, and thanks to them I was able to have all surgeries on a private basis and I have obtained the compensation I deserved. This is amazing because now my future is financially secured. Levenes are also people who bring perfect family atmosphere, and after our journey they are like family to me.

Best solicitors I could’ve asked for!… – 5* Trustpilot review

Tim and Ali both made the process of claiming compensation straightforward and efficient. They talked me through each stage with patience and consideration, as this was my first dealing with solicitors. I am extremely happy with their service and couldn’t have asked for anymore from them both! Will most definitely recommend Levenes Solicitors to anyone looking for compassion, hard work and great results!

I was injured in a serious accident, even when the insurance company still denied liability, and previous solicitors closed my case, they did not give up… – 5* Trustpilot review

I was injured in a serious accident at work when operating a crane. The load fell on me and I was knocked to the ground and I injured my knee. I was represented by another solicitor but when the insurance company denied liability, they turned me down. I lost all hope and thought that I would not be able to claim. I was going to give up, but then I turned to Levenes Solicitors and instructed Dagmara Sztynyk and Tim Beasley. They gave me no guarantees but they agreed to look at my case and after they did so, they said they thought that we could win. The previous lawyers had missed some good arguments that they thought we could make to win the case. So they took over my case and started court proceedings for me. I am pleased to say that they were able to get a settlement. I did not have much hope but Levenes restored my hope. Even when the insurance company still denied liability, they did not give up. They were amazing and I cannot be more grateful to them for getting such a great result for me. I am so glad that I called them. During the case, they kept me regularly up to date. They looked at every detail of my case and made me feel confident when I had doubted my own case. They were really friendly and easy to deal with. I cannot thank them enough and I would recommend them to anyone.

Totally happy with the service and… – 5* Trustpilot review

Totally happy with the service and outcome and the way Tim Beardsley dealt with the process and kept me informed along the way. Very professional service and treated me with total respect. would recommend Levenes solicitors 100%

Solicitors firm that genuinely care about cyclists… – 5* Trustpilot review

Fantastic to find a Solicitors firm that genuinely want to help cyclists who have been involved in a crash. Everything was explained clearly to me and the process was taken care of by one of the directors, a cyclist himself, who was patient and professional. Their fees are very fair and their advice invaluable. I can highly recommend this firm.

Fantastic Service, Tim was extremely helpful… – 5* Trustpilot review

I contacted Levenes after a road traffic accident I was involved in, where I was hit by a car off my bicycle at a red light. My initial call was answered by Tim Beasley, Partner (and enthused cyclist as it transpired). Tim was extremely helpful and gathered as much information as he could over the telephone. Thereafter, Tim promptly emailed his paralegal, Lyuba Karakaneva with all the details, including me in the cc so everyone was kept updated. Once Lyuba received the email from Tim she arranged a phone call with myself to talk me through the process and commission payables etc. Since day 1, she has been nothing but exceptional- providing a first class service.

Professional approach to the client and case, regular contact with the client… – 5* Google review

Big thanks to Mrs. Joanna M. and Mr. Tim B. for the successful ending of the case. I heartily recommend using the Levenes law firm. Professional approach to the client and case. Cultural, regular contact with the client. Assistance in the form of correspondence and telephone contact in Polish, which is helpful in legal wording. Thank you very much for your help and for the successful resolution of my case.

Led to a positive end of a very difficult case… – 5* Google review

Big thanks to Tim and Dagmara – they led to a positive end of a very difficult case, they did not give up even for a moment, even though I did not believe in winning anymore. I highly recommend this team – huge experience, determination in acting for the benefit of the client, very good contact at every stage of the case.

The words can’t express the gratitude… – 5* review

The words can’t express the gratitude to you and Mr Tim Beasley for dealing with my case. I would like to let you know that today I have received a letter with the cheque, so I’m heading to the city centre to spend my long-awaited money 😊! On a more serious note, you are 100% professional, but above all of that, you are a very kind and lovely person (I just feel it from the tone of your voice 😉). I enjoyed our telephone conversations; despite the fact they were not about nice stuff.

I am very grateful… – 5* review

I am very grateful for everything Levenes Solicitors have done for me, especially Ewa Kosim and partner, Tim Beasley. I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to you for finalising my case. Levenes is a very reliable firm, and I would recommend you to others.

I could not imagine that you would win such a difficult case… 5* review

I want to thank Ewa Kosim and Tim Beasley from the deep within the depths of my heart for fantastic co-operation and positive outcome in our personal injury case. Thank you for finalising our case. It was a period of very hard work for Levenes Solicitors and us, but all of this can be put behind us now. I will never forget the day when I completed my enquiry form on your website about my husband’s accident. At the time I could not imagine that you would win such a difficult case. Ewa and Tim, your professionalism and big hearts have helped to get such an amazing settlement. We are very grateful for the amount of money you have won for us. Levenes solicitors should be recommended to other people in similar situations to ours. We wish you a lot of successful cases in the future.

I would like to express my appreciation for how you have dealt with my case… – 5* review

Big thanks to Miss Ewa Kosim, Mr Tim Beasley and the rest of the staff at Levenes who were involved in my case. I would like to express my appreciation for how you have dealt with my case and for your professionalism. I really appreciate the way you treated me, and every single telephone conversation was a pleasure. I have received my money today. I am going shopping, it’s time to treat myself !!!

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I want to thank you infinitely for the great job you did with my case! For me it was very difficult the moment, being away from home, without managing the language well, without the slightest idea of what to do and with the only desire for justice to be done! But you did it. You were always attentive to all my doubts, concerns, etc... Above all, I want to highlight the human treatment that I received from both of you! Many thanks!!! Juan Pablo de la Camara