Personal Injury Claims

Our specialist injury solicitors will help you make a personal injury claim, recovering compensation for an injury you suffer where someone else is either fully or partially to blame. Let our lawyers guide you and your loved ones through the claims process. We can help you get access to rehabilitation, medical support and fight on your behalf for financial compensation.

Levenes injury solicitors are often able to act on a
“No Win No Fee” basis.


Other types of injury claims

If something has happened and you are not sure whether you can claim compensation, simply contact our team at Levenes Solicitors for expert advice and find out whether you can claim within 1 hour!
Find out within 1 hour if you have a claim

Specialist Personal Injury Solicitors

It can be a very challenging time if you or a member of your family have suffered an injury. Our personal injury solicitors have extensive experience providing support and guidance in making a claim. Levenes Solicitors have specialists who deal with different accident types and severity levels. You can rely on Levenes and trust that our legal team will work tirelessly to get the best possible outcome following your injury. And on a no win no fee basis, you have no initial costs to make a claim.

Can you make an accident claim?

If you have suffered a personal injury, you may be able to claim compensation. The best way to check is to get a free consultation with a specialist injury solicitor. Levenes solicitors are considered to be some of the best personal injury lawyers in the business. Simply give us the information on your injury and our specialists will advise if you can make a personal injury claim.

If someone’s negligence or a breach of statutory duty has caused your injury, you are eligible to make a claim. We will be able to advise you how successful your claim for compensation is likely to be.

Find out within 1 hour if you have a claim

What is the claim process?

Can I make a claim for someone else?

For personal injury claims made by people under 18, a parent or family member (usually) can claim on that person’s behalf. In fatal accident claims, the deceased’s financial dependents or personal representatives can claim for loss of dependency, for example if the family’s sole breadwinner has died.

When can I make a personal injury claim?

Whatever the type of the accident it is important to remember that time is of the essence to make a personal injury claim. You should contact an injury solicitor as soon as possible following the accident or injury. Depending on the circumstances and nature of the injuries there will be time limits to begin your legal action.

So contact Levenes Solicitors today with our easy to use claim form or call us on 0800 048 2355.

What makes a successful injury claim?

Levenes’ solicitors must be able to prove that you sustained injuries as a result of a particular accident. Then, we must be able to make a case that this happened as a result of someone else’s negligence.

Our experienced personal injury lawyers will gather evidence so that they can argue your case and work to win you compensation. Evidence can be; photographs of the accident scene, images of the injuries, police reports, entries in accident at work logbooks and doctor’s reports. Your solicitor may also gather witness statements to confirm what happened and who appeared to be at fault.

With defence lawyers and insurance companies to contend with a win is never guaranteed. But Levenes Solicitors success rate is testament to the skills and experience of its personal injury team.

How to start a personal injury claim

Starting a personal injury claim can be quick and easy and often on a no win no fee basis. For a free consultation, simply contact our personal injury solicitors here at Levenes on 0800 048 2355 or claim using our simple online form. Find out within 1 hour if we can help!

Just tell us how and where the accident happened.
Include all of the essential details of your injury. Our highly trained solicitors will help you to understand whether or not you have a claim for compensation and guide you through the process.

Personal Injury Solicitors you can trust!

Levenes Solicitors are members of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and the Personal Injury Accreditation Scheme Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers (PEOPIL).
We are in the Headway Solicitors Directory. Headway are the leading Brain Injury charity and have recognised our experience and expertise in this field.
We are in the Spinal Injuries Association Solicitors Directory. We have undergone specialist training and our solicitors are experts in handling spinal cord injury claims. The Spinal Injuries Association have recognised our experience and expertise in this field.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims

This means no financial risk to you. Some people don’t pursue a claim because they are concerned about costs. If you have suffered an injury at the fault of someone else of because of someone else’s negligence we believe you have the right to seek justice and compensation. You shouldn’t have to cover the initial costs of this.

At Levenes Solicitors, the majority of our personal injury claims are based on a “conditional fee agreement”, known as a No Win No Fee claim. Crucially, this means there is no financial risk to you. You can claim in confidence only paying a fee if the case is successful and you have received your compensation.

Find out within 1 hour if you have a claim.

Claim in confidence today 0800 048 2355 or leave your details below to find out within an hour if we can help.

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