Brain Injury Solicitors

Our specialist brain injury solicitors have been successful in some of the most complex injury claims. Levenes expert brain and head injury solicitors really understand how serious this type of injury can be and the many problems people suffer. We recognise no two brain injury cases are alike and take time to understand each individual claim.


Head Injury Compensation

A serious brain or head injury can have a big impact on a person’s quality of life and the wider family. If you or a loved one has suffered this type of injury, we can help you to secure compensation and rehabilitation support as quickly as possible.

Effects of Brain Injury

Everyday things like planning and simple multi-tasking can become very difficult. Brain injury can lead to physical problems with grip, coordination, movement, balance, hearing, taste, smell and speech, along with cognitive impairment – how the brain processes information. Brain injury can also lead to changes in character, personality and psychiatric problems.

These problems can put a huge strain on the ability to return to work, quality of life and relationships.

Expert Brain Injury Help and Advice

We know the importance of investigating how a brain injury may have affected your life. Plus how might you be affected in the future? Therapy, care and support designed to enable the brain injured person to adapt to their changed lifestyle is our priority.

As well as expert legal knowledge, brain injury claims require first class accident investigation and medical support. In most cases reports are obtained from neurologists and neuropsychologists. In other cases, neuropsychiatric assessment is required. Neuro-Occupational Therapists help with practical measures to adapt to brain injury. Physical problems such as weaknesses in the limbs can be helped with treatment from a Neuro-Physiotherapist. Speech and Language experts are also sometimes involved.

Whether you or someone close to you has suffered a brain injury contact us today and we’ll investigate your case thoroughly and advise you on what expertise we will need.

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