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£85,000 settlement after fall from stepladder

Accidents with ladders, stepladders, scaffolding and scaffolding towers continue to be very common and Levenes have successfully pursued many such claims.

Accident caused by a defective stepladder

These accidents often occur because the wrong type of equipment is used or it is not set up correctly or safely, or it is faulty. Sometimes employers cut corners and unsafe methods of work are used.

This case, which Levenes recently settled, is another example.

Description of an accident at work – a fall from a stepladder

Mr P was working as a subcontractor on the construction of a 5 bedroomed house along with other contractors and sub-contractors.  The particular job on which he was engaged was the completion of one of the walls on the 2nd floor. Mobile scaffolding was provided by the employer, but to access it, the Claimant had to use an A frame step ladder. He was on the last but one step up and wanted to get onto the scaffolding, when the ladder moved beneath him, causing him to lose balance, as a result of which he fell 1.5 metres to the ground. The cause of the ladder moving is not exactly known but it is likely that the ladder moved because it would have become unstable as Mr P got near to the top. It was not therefore a safe way of getting on to the scaffold tower.

Although the distance he fell was not great, he unluckily struck the back of his head.

Fall from a stepladder injury

He suffered a head injury, problems with his balance, and back pain.

Levenes submitted the claim to the employer’s insurers on his behalf.

Liability was admitted and an interim payment was made so that Mr P could have treatment which was physiotherapy and psychological therapy.

He made a good recovery but did suffer with ongoing dizziness. This affected his ability to work, to some extent as he was not keen to work on ladders as he was anxious about falling. He was however, still able to work.

To maximise his claim, proceedings were issued

The insurers lawyers were keen to settle quickly and after some negotiations, settlement was agreed for £85,000.

The money recovered is more than enough to cover loss of earnings and treatment and therapy costs.

It is important when an injury is suffered as a result of a fall at work from a ladder or scaffolding, to consider what the employer should have done. All too often we see these accidents occurring and they are entirely preventable if employers take proper for the safety of their workers. Often, workers are left to do the job, without the right equipment, and work out how to do the job themselves, which is a dereliction of the employer.

Mr P’s problems with his balance were investigated through specialist neuro-otology consultants. Thankfully in most cases, with the right treatment a good recovery is likely, but the key is ensuring that these problems are properly investigated, and the right expert advice is obtained.

Fall from Height Accident Claim

If you have been involved in an accident at work involving a stepladder and sustained injuries, our solicitors have a wealth of experienced in dealing with fall from height compensation claim.

You will need expert advice on what action you can take to obtain accident compensation. You can trust in the experience and knowledge of our team of professional lawyers to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to.

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£85,000 settlement after fall from stepladder

30 Jul 2021Accident at Work

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