Farming Accident Claims

Farms are consistently reported to be one of the most dangerous, if not, the most dangerous places to work in the UK.

The latest figures published by the Health and Safety Executive in 2020 suggest that this sector of employment is almost twice as dangerous as any other industrial sector.

Accidents and injuries on farms are very common.

Accident at Work Claims

Make a farm accident compensation claim

As in any workplace, employers must take care to ensure that work is carried out in a safe manner and that equipment is safe to use and properly maintained. When the employer fails to do this, all too often the consequences can be tragic.

Most injuries can be avoided, if the employer carries out a proper assessment of the risk of injury from the work being done. When proper risk assessments are done, the risk is spotted and then the employer can find a safer way of doing the work.

Often farm equipment has been in use for years without being properly maintained. Safety features may have been removed. In other cases, corners are cut, and a dangerous practice is used.

In some cases, we have dealt with a farm owner who has used unskilled agricultural workers to perform work such as construction work on the farm assuming that workers can turn their hands to any type of work.

Our personal injury solicitors have many years of experience of dealing with work accident claims including claims following accidents on farms and in forestry, and will be there to advise you on who is to blame for your accident and how to make a claim.

Levenes have acted for injured persons in many such cases over the years including very serious injury cases and even fatal cases.

We will take on your farm accident claim on a No Win No Fee basis, which means that you have nothing to lose by making a claim.

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Examples of farming accident claims we have won

  • A lady who suffered injury when the trolley she was standing on to pick peppers malfunctioned causing her to suffer a fractured ankle and a head injury.
  • A worker who fell from the side of a truck and was run over by another vehicle.
  • A fruit picker whose ankle snapped when her foot was caught in a hidden hole between the rows of raspberries she was picking.
  • A worker whose arm was caught in a machine on a mushroom factory days after he started work there without any proper training having been given.
  • A worker whose arm was crushed in a machine he was asked to clean without the machine being turned off.
  • A hand injury caused when attempting to connect a muck spreader to the back of a tractor.
  • A tractor driver who was electrocuted and killed when he was driving his tractor near to electricity cables.
  • A vehicle which turned over causing serious spinal injuries. The vehicle was not suitable for the land it was driven on.
  • Serious lacerations to the hand when attempting to clean a broken greenhouse on a flower farm.

Why choose Levenes?

Focused solely on helping personal injury victims

We work diligently for our clients to help them put their lives back together and at the same time obtain the maximum compensation. With us on your side, you can expect:

  • Over 100 years of combined experience – We have proven results; we are lawyers who fight for you with a record of success.
  • Strong litigators – We are not afraid to take your case to court if we have to. We stand up for the rights of the injured and not for the rights of the big corporations.
  • Empathy – We pride ourselves on our compassion and understanding and we are easy to talk to. We always put your interest first and we treat you as our family.
  • A personal approach – Your case will be handled directly by one our partners with support from our team of lawyers.
  • A tailor-made approach – Every client is treated individually and not as a number, to achieve the best possible result that you deserve.
  • Clear communication – We talk to you in a down to earth way. We avoid legal jargon unless it cannot be avoided, and if so, we explain things clearly and simply.
  • Maximum compensation – We have the courage to fight for what you are entitled to.
  • Full attention – We have the resources to focus on every detail of the case and consider every angle. We do not spread ourselves too thinly – you deserve our full attention.
No Win No Fee Claims

The most common causes of farming accidents

The sort of cases that typically occur often involve:

  • Farm machinery, which is often dangerous, and not properly maintained.
  • Unsafe methods of work.
  • Collisions with tractors and other moving vehicles.
  • Falls from height.
  • Falling objects.
  • Injuries caused by walking on uneven or slippery ground.
  • Injuries sustained when dealing with animals.


There seems to be an acceptance that accidents sometimes happen, and that workers in this sector must accept the risk of injury, but it should not be that way. Farm owners are legally responsible for the safety of persons working on farms.

What can I claim?

You are likely to need to claim for a range of losses that your injury will have caused and is likely to cause in the future including:

  • Medical treatment
  • Carers or support workers
  • Physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • Psychological therapy
  • Special equipment
  • Loss of earnings


Levenes Solicitors will ensure that every aspect of your case is fully understood and we will anticipate all the issues that can arise, plan the case strategically and give you access to all the top experts that will help quantify the claims that you should make.

Fatal Accidents at Work

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