Motorbike Accident Claims

We are lawyers specialising in compensation for motorbike accidents in the UK. Often, motorcyclists’ accidents are quite serious and injuries are sustained, due to the high impact of the accident. Our law firm has already handled thousands of cases of motorcyclists injured in road accidents. You need to trust a law firm with experience in handling these types of cases.

Motorbike accidents can happen anywhere. They frequently happen on urban roads as a result of the negligence of drivers who fail to take care to look out for motorcyclists.

Even if you are a very experienced rider, wearing a helmet and full leathers, you are at risk from inattentive drivers. Your helmet may prevent a minor head injury and your leathers may save you from friction burns if you come off your bike, but the impact of a collision can be so severe that injury will result.

Being involved in a road traffic accident and suffering injuries is a shocking and frightening experience and the priority is always to get safe and obtain medical help as soon as possible. Therefore, someone, who has just been involved in a collision, might not think at the scene of the accident to obtain photographs and details of all parties involved, especially independent witnesses, who will confirm how the accident occurred.

Obtaining such details is often crucial to solving any disputes about the circumstances of an accident and to determine who was to blame. It is also important to describe the nature of the accident to an ambulance and A&E staff.

Our team of lawyers help victims of motorcycle accidents recover compensation for their injuries which are mostly:
FracturesWhiplashHead injuries Spinal injuries Shoulder injuries Degloving injuries Psychological injuries 


We understand how a motorcycle accident can have a devastating effect upon your life and your family. You may be unable to return to work. You may need a lengthy period in hospital or outpatient treatment. Our lawyers can access for you specialist rehabilitation, to enable you to make the best possible recovery from your injuries as quickly as possible.

In the case of serious injuries, we arrange for a case manager to take control of the rehabilitation process, enabling you to be seen and treated privately.

Most claims can be handled on a no win no fee basis, which means that you do not need to worry about paying for your legal costs.

Am I eligible to claim compensation?

All road users owe each other a duty of care to take reasonable care to avoid causing an accident. Drivers should take care to look out for other road users including motorcyclists. All too often drivers fail to look properly for motorcycles, even though it is obvious that you should expect to see motorcyclists on the road. Most accidents occur because drivers did not look. Other accidents happen when drivers are driving too fast or fail to leave a sufficient gap. Often drivers coming out of side roads seem to have a blind spot – they do not look carefully and they do not see the approaching motorcycle.

If you want to make a claim for personal injury, we will look at the circumstances of the accident and investigate fully how it happened and advise you about how you can claim. Even if the other driver or other parties present at the accident scene suggest that you are to blame for the accident, you might still have a claim, as liability for an accident might be split, meaning that two or more parties might be found to be partially to blame for the accident.

Therefore, even if you think that you do not have a good case, Levenes will advise you as to whether there are basis to claim split liability for an accident. Levenes might be able to prove that another party was partly to blame for the accident and you will still recover compensation for your injuries and financial losses reduced by the percentage of your contributory liability for the accident.

Find out within 1 hour if you have a claim

What can we obtain for you, if you make a claim?

We always aim to obtain for you the highest possible compensation for your injuries. In addition, we will claim for your:

Loss of earnings
Care and Assistance
Treatment costs
Travel and transport costs
Damaged motorbike and equipment
Aids and appliances
Prosthetics in cases of amputation
Costs of adaptation of your home

We obtain reports from the best experts and follow their recommendations for treatment to try to maximise your recovery form the accident.

Why instruct Levenes Solicitors?

Experienced accredited solicitors
Brain, spinal cord and amputation specialists
No win no fee
No hidden costs
Access to top medical experts
Access to private treatment to maximise your recovery
An assigned solicitor who will support you every step of the way.

How much compensation am I likely to receive?

Your award will be made up of different parts. There is an award for pain and suffering, which is based on guidelines issued to the court. Further details are to be found here.

Other awards can be made for all your past and future losses and costs.

How long will it take to get compensation?

Every case is different. If you recover quickly, then we aim to get the quickest possible settlement for you so that you can move on with your life.

In cases of serious injuries, it can take time before we know how well you will recover. In most cases, we will ask the insurers to make interim payments to cover your losses to date and to pay for any treatment or equipment you need.

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I was extremely satisfied with the services provided by Levenes solicitors and especially Sevim Savci-Renk who dealt with my personal injury claim. She has been dealing with our legal matters for many years both for myself and my family with great success. She takes ownership in dealing with cases and her recommendations are always in the best interest of her clients. I find her to be highly skilled and professional at all times. I was provided with regular updates of my claim and was always contacted via my choice of contact. She was easily accessible and I received a response to my contacts swiftly. I would strongly recommend this lady to represent you as your solicitor and rate her skills, knowledge and professionalism at 5 stars. I was very happy with the successful outcome of my case. Sila