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Beauty Treatment Injury Claim

More and more people are going to beauty salons. There can be very few high streets that do not have a beauty salon of some sort, offering a range of treatments such as a change of hair colour, hair straightening, hair removal, fillers, Botox, waxing and tanning – the list is endless.

These salons were closed during the pandemic, and how we missed them! We saw our image on the screen during zoom calls and longed for the salons to reopen again.

A spa day experience has become a very popular gift.

We have these treatments not dreaming that anything could go wrong, though, one look at the gossip pages of the tabloids will tell you that things can indeed go wrong, as has happened in the case of some celebrities.

Sadly, the beauty industry is not well regulated. It is not even compulsory to have insurance. Anyone can set themselves up as a hairdresser, without even having a salon and come to your home and cause serious burns to your scalp.

Treatments involve strong chemicals to which you might be sensitive. Precautions must be taken, such as testing a strand of hair.

Beauty practitioners should be properly trained and supervised and know what they are doing.

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Who is responsible?

There are 2 possible parties who may be responsible. The primary responsibility is with the practitioner. They have duty of care which they owe to you to take reasonable care of your safely. That means, for example, only providing treatments that they are competent to provide, and following all manufacturer’s instructions.

Another possible responsible party might be the manufacturer of a product that was applied to your body. However, such cases are relatively rare. For example, if you suffer an allergic reaction to a chemical in a beauty treatment this is not likely to be the fault of the manufacturer unless an entire batch was faulty and has been recalled.

It is more likely that there was a failure to do a strand test or the product might have been left on your hair or skin for too long.

Common injuries

Injuries that are commonly seen as a result of negligent beauty treatments include: –

  • Burns to scalp and skin from powerful agents used to change skin colour.
  • Damage to hair, causing it to become brittle and fall out.
  • Allergic reactions from products that were not suitable.
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Can I sue my beauty therapist

If you can prove that your beauty therapist was negligent then you can make a claim.

It may be necessary for us to obtain an independent report such as a trichologist who specialises in hair, in order to show that the therapist was negligent.

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Beauty treatment compensation

Compensation can be awarded for pain and suffering. This will take into account both physical injuries such as scarring and skin discolouration and psychiatric symptoms.

Many people have beauty treatments because they want to improve their appearance and feel more confident in public. When the treatment goes wrong, the effect on mental health can be as bad if not worse than the effect on physical health.

You can also claim for expenses such as loss of earnings, travel expenses and the cost of any remedial treatment.

Time limits to make a claim

The time limit to make a claim is 3 years. We recommend, however that you make your claim as soon as possible.

There is always a risk, especially if you want to a small independently run business for your treatment that the business might not have public liability insurance and the owners might shut down their business and declare themselves bankrupt. We cannot pursue a claim if the defendant has no means to settle the claim.

We will seek at an early stage to establish that there is insurance in place.

We also advise that you pursue the claim at the earliest possible stage so that we can get photographic evidence and instruct the appropriate experts.

How long does the compensation claim process take

This sort of claim typically takes around 12-18 months to resolve. Claims can take longer, for example if treatment is lengthy.
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