Accident Caused by Falling Object

One of the most common types of injuries that occur at work are injuries caused by objects that fall on to a worker from above. These injuries can be devastating and if you are victim, then you can claim compensation.

Accident at Work Claims

The most common causes of accidents caused by falling objects

This sort of accident is very common on construction sites when tools and materials are knocked or dropped from above. This may happen due to the carelessness of a fellow worker or be caused by a failure to ensure that the scaffolding has protection that would stop, for example, a worker accidentally kicking a hammer and knocking it over the edge of the scaffolding.

Another common situation involves loading and unloading of building materials on construction sites when, due to unsafe practices, the materials fall.

Similarly, in factories and warehouses, products that are stored on racking can be knocked by forklift trucks and become loose, or not safely stacked.

Poorly planned demolition work is especially dangerous and can result in workers being struck by collapsing walls or ceilings, which can be devastating and cause fatal injuries.

Whatever the circumstances, when an object does fall from height at work a claim can be made for injuries suffered. This is true even if the fault was with the co-worker, because employers are responsible for the negligence of other workers.

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Responsibility of employers

When any loads are to be lifted by a crane or hoist, the employer must ensure that the work is done safely, and this means planning the job properly and ensuring that the work is only done by employees who know what they are doing and can use the correct equipment in a safe manner.

The employer must ensure that materials and objects are stored in a way that unintended movement or falls of objects are avoided.

After any report of an incident like this, the employer should reassess the work and learn from the experience to make sure that the same thing does not happen again.

The duty of the employer is not just to their workers but to the general public. For example, a claim can be made if you are struck by an object that falls on you as you walk past a building.

Where there is a risk of being struck by a falling object at work, employees should be provided with personal protection such as a helmet and safety shoes. Most responsible employers comply with this, but these measures only make a difference if you are hit. They do not stop the accident occurring and depending upon how heavy the object was, they may have limited effect in saving you from suffering injury.

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Responsibility of public places

Similarly, in public places, injuries have been known to occur when branches of a tree have fallen on an unsuspecting person below. This may occur after a storm, but it is not necessarily an act of God. The local authority must regularly inspect trees and remove any branches that show signs of weakness or disease.

Read about how Levenes’ serious injury claim solicitors were able to help in a recent claim: A 7-figure settlement for serious injuries caused by falling tree

Injuries caused by falling objects

Many of the falling object injury cases we deal with involve very serious injuries and sometimes fatal injuries. The most serious injuries that occur are typically when the victim has been struck on the head. Common injuries from falling objects include:


  • Brain injuries
  • Facial fractures
  • Arm fractures
  • Leg fractures
  • Spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis
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What to do if you have been struck by a falling object

If you have been injured at work by a falling object, then the first thing to do is get medical attention but you should also ensure that the accident is reported to your employer. Then contact us to get legal advice.

If you are injured in a public place such as a shop, then again, ensuring that you get treatment but also reporting what happened to the shop and asking for any CCTV is important.

If possible, take photographs of the accident location and what it was that struck you, or ask someone to do this for you.

What can I claim?

You will be entitled to an award for compensation for your injuries and other losses. The award for your injuries will be assessed on the basis of medical reports from a medical expert, who will review your records, and assess your injuries and give a prognosis.

The type and severity of your injury will determine the likely award that you will receive. Any pre-existing injuries or being involved in other accident in the past are relevant and you should inform a medical expert about it, so he or she could determine the extent of the injuries attributable to the accident.

For more details of the sorts of awards that can be made for injuries see this page.

Other losses you can claim will depend on your circumstances. Therefore, there are no 2 identical claims, as each one is assessed on its own facts. In our experience, the usual claims that are made can include physiotherapy, loss of earnings, travel and transport costs and care and assistance.

Fatal Accidents at Work

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