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Polish Lawyer UK

Personal Injury lawyers in London working for the Polish community

Levenes were the first law firm in England to establish a dedicated team of lawyers to represent Polish people in the UK who were injured in accidents. We are the most experienced Polish speaking personal injury lawyers in England.

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Why is it important to hire a solicitor who speaks your language?

Whether you have a little English and get by every day or perhaps speak English quite fluently, if your lawyer does not speak your native language, you are going to be at a disadvantage. What is more, you may not be confident that your lawyer has properly understood what you have told them.

Having a Polish speaking solicitor who can communicate with you is the key to a successful case, especially when important details are being discussed. Any small misunderstanding could be costly. This is why Levenes set up a dedicated department of Polish speaking lawyers over 16 years ago. Our Polish speaking lawyers have between them over 25 years of representing Polish people who were injured in accidents.

Our Polish speaking lawyers are native speakers of Polish but qualified to practice law in the UK. This gives you the best of both worlds – a wealth of experience and knowledge of English law and native Polish language skills. We understand Polish culture too – which means we know just how hard it can be if your injuries are stopping from working.

The Polish team is very well supported by senior Partner, David Levene, a former judge, who established Levenes over 30 years ago. Each of the partners has a wealth of experience in dealing with personal injury cases, including cases of catastrophic injuries. We have helped many Polish clients who have suffered life-changing injuries such as amputations, scalping injuries, brain injuries and other very serious injury cases. We have dealt with more of these types of cases than other Polish speaking companies in the UK.

We build up a rapport with our clients that you do not get with other firms. Some companies have Polish speaking staff but they are not qualified lawyers or they use interpreters. The person you speak to cannot then give you advice – they can only pass on messages. With Levenes, you have direct access to a Polish speaking qualified lawyer who can answer your questions. Nothing gets lost in translation. This helps to ensure that your case proceeds smoothly and throughout you are kept fully informed about the progress of your case.

Multilingual lawyers = more success

One of the most important reasons to instruct Levenes Polish team is that misunderstandings that could be a disaster for the success of your case are avoided. Even when a lawyer and their client speak the same language, misunderstandings sometimes occur. When the client has to communicate with a lawyer through an interpreter, or through a person without legal qualifications, the chances of something important being missed are so much greater.

A good lawyer should fully understand what his or her client is saying, otherwise the case cannot be properly prepared. If a mistake is made or something important is missed, due to the language barrier between the solicitor and the client, then there is a high chance that the claim will not be as successful as it should be.

A good case can be turned into a bad one by such poor communication.

At Levenes, this risk is eliminated.


Our Polish solicitors UK

Our team of Polish Personal Injury Lawyers are available to advise you on whether you have a compensation claim because of what you have experienced. Read the profile of our Polish lawyers here for detailed information about them.

How can we help

Personal Injury Compensation claims services are offered in the event personal injury resulting from an accident in England and Wales.

Levenes have been dealing with personal injury compensation claims for over 30 years.

Our team of lawyers have over hundreds of years of experience of handling personal injury compensation claims between them.

We speak your language

Levenes also have teams of lawyers speaking the following languages:








Choose Levenes Solicitors to make a No Win, No Fee claim

If you’re worried about how much it’ll cost to pursue an injury claim, we’re here to put your mind at ease. Levenes Solicitors provides personal injury claims on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Find out within 1 hour if you have a claim.

Why choose Levenes?

Focused solely on helping personal injury victims

We work diligently for our clients to help them put their lives back together and at the same time obtain the maximum compensation. With us on our side, you can expect:

Over 100 years of combined experience – We have proven results; we are lawyers who fight for you with a record of success.

Strong litigators – We are not afraid to take your case to court if we have to. We stand up for the rights of the injured and not for the rights of the big corporations.

Empathy – We pride ourselves on our compassion and understanding and we are easy to talk to. We always put your interest first and we treat you as our family.

A personal approach – Your case will be handled by a Polish speaking lawyer.

A tailor-made approach – Every client is treated individually and not as a number, to achieve the best possible result that you deserve.

Clear communication – We talk to you in a down to earth way. We avoid legal jargon unless it cannot be avoided, and if so, we explain things clearly and simply.

Maximum compensation – We have the courage to fight for what you are entitled to.

Full attention – We have the resources to focus on every detail of the case and consider every angle. We do not spread ourselves too thinly –  you deserve full attention.

Claim in confidence today 0800 048 2355 or leave your details below to find out within an hour if we can help.

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