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Defective Product Injuries

Have you suffered defective product injuries or illness?

We expect the products we buy to be fit for purpose and in a safe, good condition. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Any faulty product can cause injury and if it does, you can make a claim against the seller or manufacturer. Plus, if the product was manufactured outside the European Union a claim can be made against the importer.

The Consumer Protection Act

Under the Consumer Protection Act 1987, the producer of a product is liable for injury caused by a defect in that product. If it is proved that the safety of the product was less than a reasonable standard you can make a claim. It is not necessary to prove negligence. If you were the person who bought and suffered injury from a defective product, you can claim damages for breach of contract on the basis that the produce you bought was not of satisfactory quality.

Expert Claims Advice

It is very important to get legal advice quickly if you believe you have been injured when using a defective product. Naturally you will want to complain to the shop where you bought it but they are likely to ask you to return the product. If you give it to them, you might find later that you have given up the evidence. Get in touch with Levenes expert personal injury lawyers to find out whether you have a claim.

Product Injury Compensation Claims

We are here to help. No matter how trivial, it costs you nothing to enquire. One of our specialist personal injury lawyers will be happy to advise you on whether or not you have a defective product injury claim. They will be on hand throughout the entire process for any questions you may have.

We may arrange to meet with you, either at our offices, or if it is more convenient for you, at your home, workplace or in hospital.

Choose Levenes Solicitors to Make a No Win, No Fee claim

If you’re worried about how much it’ll cost to pursue a defective product injury, we’re here to put your mind at ease. Levenes Solicitors provides personal injury claims on a No Win, No Fee basis.
Find out within 1 hour if you have a claim.

Examples of Defective Product Injuries

A vase purchased from ASDA. The glass was too thin and broke too easily causing a very serious hand injury. The injured person required surgery to repair the damage to her tendons. In order to prove liability the glass was examined by a glass expert which established that the glass was too thin for a glass vase of that type.

A claim by a professional fitness instructor who suffered permanent injury caused by using defective footwear manufactured by Reebok during fitness classes for a period of just a few weeks. An expert podiatrist’s report established the link between the injury and the footwear.

We successfully conclude thousands of cases each year, securing compensation for our clients from £1,000 to over £1,000,000.

Claim in confidence today 0800 048 2355 or leave your details below to find out within an hour if we can help.

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