Levenes has recovered damages for a victim of a needlestick injury which caused a mental injury in the form of adjustment disorder  

“After the accident, I stopped eating, my sleeping was poor, and I had constant nightmares. I could not concentrate on my work anymore. Levenes worked very hard to solve my case and I can say it was the best solicitor firm to deal with my case.” said Ms M.N 

A needlestick injury

If a needlestick injury, an injury with a medical sharp of any kind, occurs during the course of your employment, this is treated as an accident at work.

Thus, any needlestick injury or a cut, causing damage which occurred suddenly during a performance of duties as an employee, will enable you to apply for a compensation.

An assessment of the degree of damage to health caused by a needlestick injury is carried out by an independent medical expert.

A needlestick injury caused psychological trauma

Our client, Ms M.N was working as a cleaner in a care home. She had started her shift at 7AM. She was clearing away a black plastic bag when she felt something sharp in her left knee. She then realised that she has been stuck by a needle.  

She reported the incident to a manager who denied that there had been a needle in the bag, but then two of the other carers went through the bag and found the needle. 

Ms M.N asked for somebody to clean the wound, but they refused. She was very scared that she might have been infected with HIV and was taken by a carer to hospital where she had blood tests and was given a vaccination against hepatitis.

Needlestick injuries in healthcare facilities are a common problem

The needle was probably used by someone injecting insulin. In hospitals and care homes, there should always be a safe procedure for disposal of used needles and on this occasion, a member of staff failed to follow procedure.  

The basis of the claim was that the employer was responsible for the employee’s negligence by not following the correct procedure.  

Ultimately, the Defendant admitted liability in full and the claim was settled.  

Making a needlestick injury claim

If you would like to obtain free advice as to whether you are entitled to make a claim for a needlestick injury suffered as a result of an accident at work, our specialist lawyers can help. You will need expert advice on what action you can take to obtain accident compensation.

Get in touch today and find out within 1 hour if you have a claim. Call us on 0800 048 2355 or request a call back now. 

Needlestick injury

A needlestick injury claim

13 May 2021Accident at Work

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I was extremely satisfied with the services provided by Levenes solicitors and especially Sevim Savci-Renk who dealt with my personal injury claim. She has been dealing with our legal matters for many years both for myself and my family with great success. She takes ownership in dealing with cases and her recommendations are always in the best interest of her clients. I find her to be highly skilled and professional at all times. I was provided with regular updates of my claim and was always contacted via my choice of contact. She was easily accessible and I received a response to my contacts swiftly. I would strongly recommend this lady to represent you as your solicitor and rate her skills, knowledge and professionalism at 5 stars. I was very happy with the successful outcome of my case. Sila