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Compensation claim settled for Lorry Driver

Levenes Solicitors obtained a settlement for a lorry driver who fell off the back of his lorry during the course of his employment. Our Solicitors obtained a 5-figure settlement for injuries suffered by a lorry driver who literally fell out of the back of his lorry.

Defective Work Equipment Claim

The reason for his fall was that the lorry was fitted with a pneumatic roll track system which has embedded wheels that were supposed to allow for heavy loads to be smoothly loaded- but unfortunately it was faulty.

The system operated by pneumatic pressure so that heavy loads would be carried on wheels inside the lorry. There was a fault with the system which our client had reported but nothing had been done about it. Because of the fault he had to climb inside the lorry and physically push the loads. As he did so, he fell out of the back of his lorry.

He should not have had to climb inside the lorry and push on the loads, but he only did so because the pneumatic wheels did not operate properly. He was following his own system of work because the normal and correct system of work was defective.

His employer should have taken the truck out of service and not required him to use it until repaired.

Serious Injury Claims and Defective equipment in the workplace

As a result of the fall he suffered a head injury and fractures to both arms. He was off work for a few months but was then able to go back to work.

Liability was admitted and so it was not necessary to take the case to court. After obtaining medical reports on his injuries, settlement of the claim was agreed.

In this case it was important to understand how the loading system should have worked to be able to understand how it was that our client came to be injured. Nobody should be expected to work with equipment which is defective and puts their health and safety at risk.

Our client was represented by Partner, Tim Beasley and Paralegal, Andreea Martin.

Accident at work Solicitors

In the UK, employers have a duty to ensure that the work equipment they provide to you so that you can do your job, is safe and suitable for use.

There are regulations in place about the Provision and Use of Work Equipment which set out the duties of the employer.

Employers must make sure that tools and equipment are properly maintained and kept in good repair. They must also not ask you to do the job with a tool or equipment that is not suitable.
If you have been in injured in an accident at work which was caused as a result of using faulty or unsuitable work equipment, then you are entitled to make a claim for compensation.

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Compensation claim settled for Lorry Driver

24 Jun 2022Accident at Work

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