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Tripping accident at work

Levenes Solicitors have settled a claim for a client who tripped in a pothole in the car park at her place of employment.

She suffered ligament damage to her ankle and needed an operation.

Liability denied

At first the insurers denied liability, but later thanks to the arguments put forward by our solicitors, liability was admitted.

It was important to establish and show that the employer failed to ensure that the work environment was maintained to a high safety standard and the pothole represent a hazard.

A car park at your place of employment is just as much your workplace as the floor of the factory, warehouse or office.

The employer has to keep the car park properly maintained. There is no excuse for an employer not to keep on top of this. They should regularly inspect their ground, and footpaths from the car park to the door of the building.

Levenes Solicitors always properly investigate and fight your case

One of the ways we can help our clients after an accident at work, by making a personal injury claim, is to force the insurer to pay for treatment privately. Treatment can be in many forms, ranging from physiotherapy, psychotherapy to surgery.

Claimants who have been waiting for NHS treatment have the chance to get their treatment privately and, in this case, the insurers paid for the private surgery that our client needed.

The claim was settled for a significant sum which has enabled the Claimant to move on in her life.

Entrust your case to our lawyers that will fight your corner

This case shows that you need expert solicitors who will properly investigate and fight your case even in very difficult cases.

As long as we believe that you have a reasonable chance of success, we will not give up and we will take your case to court.

Have you been involved in a tripping accident at work and sustained injuries?

Levenes will consider difficult cases which other lawyers may find too difficult to win.

Our specialist lawyers can help victims involved in a tripping accident at work recover compensation. You will need expert advice on what action you can take to obtain accident compensation. You can trust in the experience and knowledge of our team of professional serious injury lawyers to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to.

Get in touch today and find out within 1 hour if you have a claim. Call 0800 048 2355 or request a callback now.



Tripping accident at work

08 Apr 2021Accident at Work

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