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Levenes Solicitors successfully recovered compensation of £90,000.00 in an accident on a pedestrian crossing after liability was disputed

The circumstances of the accident were that Mr B was commuting to work along Rickmansworth Road near the junction with Harwoods Road, Watford. After ensuring that it was safe to cross, Mr B proceeded to cross halfway. Suddenly he was struck on his left side by a vehicle. Upon impact, Mr B was thrown approximately 3-4 metres sustaining a serious injury to his left leg.

Mr B suffered a period of post traumatic amnesia and remembers being admitted to West Hertfordshire Hospital.

Mr B sustained a comminuted lateral tibial plateau fracture, which was then subsequently treated with open reduction and internal fixation, along with bone grafting.

Upon discharge from hospital, he returned home where he required care and assistance with daily activities from his partner.

Due to the accident Mr B has been left disadvantaged on the labour market.

Does a pedestrian always have the right of way on the road?

If a pedestrian begins to cross the road, either at zebra crossing or when crossing a side road, the pedestrian has priority and the driver should give way.

The driver can still be liable even though the driver has priority. This is because the law recognizes that driving a car or motorcycle always puts other people at risk and that pedestrians are the most vulnerable among all road users.

Although liability was in dispute at first, Levenes were able to obtain £90,000.00 for Mr B’s injuries and financial losses as well as for future treatment.

Were you hit by a car?

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£90,000.00 compensation for pedestrian after liability was disputed

10 Feb 2021Road Traffic Accident

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Big thanks to Tim and Dagmara - they led to a positive end of a very difficult case, they did not give up even for a moment, even though I did not believe in winning anymore. I highly recommend this team - huge experience, determination in acting for the benefit of the client, very good contact at every stage of the case. Mr P.