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Head & brain injury claims

Levenes Solicitors have settled a claim for Mr ZT who suffered a head injury when he fell from a roof at work.

Mr ZT was a shop assistant. In the height of summer, his employer expected him to climb on a roof in the back yard of the shop to cool down a defective refrigeration unit. He climbed on to the roof and when he was getting down, he slipped and fell sustaining a fractured skull, shoulder and rib fractures. He suffered with problems with his memory and balance though thanks to his amazing determination he recovered remarkably well.

Our lawyers will define the scale of the problem and determine the course of any further legal proceedings

Liability was fiercely disputed. The owners of the shop denied that they had told him to go on the roof and covered up the existence of CCTV.

The case was challenging because Mr ZT did not have a clear memory of what happened. After this type of serious head injury, the brain can create false memories to try to fill in the missing gaps. When the Claimant was questioned at various stages by experts and solicitors, his story seemed to change. He was therefore accused of being dishonest.

Levenes took over the case after 2 previous solicitors had pursued it with limited success.

Levenes issued proceedings and obtained a report from a neuropsychologist who was able to provide expert opinion to explain why his memory was not reliable.

There was a further complication in the case. The Defendant company went into liquidation as did their insurers. This meant that the claim would be dealt with by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

After a hard-fought battle, the lawyers for the Defendant agreed to negotiate and settlement was agreed for a 5-figure sum.

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Mr ZT said “I am so grateful to Levenes for not giving up on me and doing a great job”.

Mr ZT was represented by head of the Bulgarian Team Desi Fudulska, and head of Catastrophic Injury, Partner Tim Beasley.

Desi said “this was a challenging case and there were times when the odds seemed to be stacked against us, but with perseverance we were able to get a great result for Mr ZT”.

Tim said “Desi did an amazing job. At Levenes we have the experience and expertise to take on difficult brain injury cases. We cannot always take on cases other lawyers have started because cases can go wrong if the wrong lawyer has been working the case, but on this occasion we were able to turn it round”.

A case rejected by 2 previous law firms settles after Levenes solicitors became involved and obtained compensation for a fractured skull sustained at work

02 Jan 2020Accident at Work

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