What seemed to be a good beginning to the year for a young father proved to be the disaster which changed his life forever. He suffered life-changing injuries on a building site changing his life forever. However, thanks to the help of Levenes he has now received thousands of pounds in compensation.

Work accident injury claim with Levenes Solicitors 

In Mr VB’s personal injury case, there were difficult liability issues. Two Defendants blamed each other and none of them assumed responsibility for an accident at work of our client.

Mr VB and his work colleague whilst in the course of his employment were directed by their supervisors, to move some ballast and stones to be laid up.

The supervisor requested Mr VB to fetch a roller (a heavy vibrating and compacting roller) which was provided on the site by the second Defendant. Mr V took the roller and in order to access the required area he had to drive up a hill, but the area was wet and muddy, and the roller became stuck.

The site had a number of areas which were wet and muddy, and it was a common occurrence on the site for machines to become stuck in such areas. Mr VB asked a colleague to pull the roller out of the mud with a telehandler. Mr VB attached 2 straps from the telehandler to the roller and his colleague started to tow, when suddenly, the roller started to slide sideways and then began to tip over and whilst Mr VB tried to jump free, his left foot was trapped under the roller. As a consequence, he sustained a serious fracture to his left foot, which required surgery and the insertion of metalwork. Mr VB was left with a very painful foot, which was difficult to weight bear on, sensitive to changes in the weather, swollen and twisted.

Work accident injury ends career

The prognosis of his injury was guarded and there was even a risk of a below knee amputation.

The years that followed proved to be very challenging for him, his family and his mental health. Mr VB was determined that he would not lose his leg and when he was reassessed by medical experts it was agreed that the amputation would not be required.

Mr VB had to re-qualify for a new career and became a driver.

Life changing injury claims

Our dedicated accident at work team secured an admission of liability and obtained a six-figure settlement award.

Of course, this money will not turn back the clock for Mr VB but we are pleased that we have secured for him some financial security as he continues his road to recover.

Tim Beasley, a Partner and Head of Catastrophic injury, represented Mr VB together with our team of Romanian legal assistants.

Legal help with life-changing injuries

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Worker’s life-changing injury compensation

14 May 2020Accident at Work

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I cannot express my gratitude enough to Sevim Savci-Renk for her professionalism, support and dealing with my case efficiently. I wish you all the best. Kind regards, Aysel C