Brain injury compensation case study– Julian’s Story

Making a claim for compensation for brain injury has unlocked treatment for our client which he could not have obtained in any other way.

Julian, 25, suffered a brain injury when he was knocked over as he was crossing the road.

Julian was living and working in London at the time. He underwent emergency surgery in hospital where he was recovering from the surgery over a period of weeks. When he was discharged, he needed further treatment. The acute brain injury had been treated but his injuries left him quite disabled and unable to live on his own.

After a second operation, he was eventually allowed to return home again but this time he was cared for by his family.

He still needed further surgery even after that.

Although these operations were done, there was a lack of follow up for his rehabilitation.

Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Julian instructed Levenes Solicitors to make a claim for his injuries.

He was represented by solicitor, Isidoro Bonilla and Partner, Tim Beasley.

Because the driver of the vehicle that struck Julian was never traced, the claim was dealt with by the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) which is the compensation body for all claims against drivers who cannot be traced.

With the cooperation of the MIB, Julian was assessed and STEPS Rehabilitation made a number of recommendations for Julian’s treatment.

Always there for you

Following on from that, the MIB agreed to pay for Julian’s treatment and he attended their unit in Sheffield for therapy where he was treated as an inpatient.

Julian had problems with his balance and needed assistance to walk. He had unexplained pain in his knees and reduced mobility. He was also struggling with a range of typical brain injury related problems, including headaches, migraines, epilepsy, fatigue, memory loss, and irritability. He struggled with planning and coordination and needed a lot of support to overcome his anxieties.  

Thanks to a team approach involving psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and others, he has made enormous progress.

We focus on securing for you rehabilitation to help you make the best recovery possibly achievable

He could never have achieved this progress without having made his claim.

The NHS are there for us all when we need them most and they saved Julian’s life, but follow up for brain injury on the NHS is rarely as good as it could be. Where there is funding available for private treatment, outcomes are usually better.

It was the very fact that he was able to make a claim which gave him access to this treatment in the UK.

At Levenes we want to maximise your personal injury compensation after brain injury, but we also want to ensure that you make the best recovery that you can.

We understand the impact that brain injury can have upon you

Our specialist brain and head injury solicitors have been successful in some of the most complex brain injury claims. Levenes expert brain and head injury solicitors really understand how serious this type of injury can be and the many problems people suffer.

You will need expert advice on what action you can take to obtain accident compensation. You can trust in the experience and knowledge of our team of professional serious injury lawyers to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to.

Get in touch today and find out within 1 hour if you have a claim. Call us on 0800 048 2355 or request a call back now. 

Brain injury compensation case study – Julian’s Story

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