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A case rejected by a previous law firm settles after Levenes Solicitors took on the case and successfully recovered compensation in the sum of £195,000.

If you think that your previous solicitor has failed to achieve the result you deserve, we will be happy to consider your file.

The Claimant had finished work at a car wash. At approximately 7pm, the Claimant, accompanied by his son and his friend, proceeded to cross the road. The Claimant’s friend crossed first, quickly followed by the Claimant’s son and then the Claimant close behind. As he was crossing the road, he was hit by a car.

The air ambulance and police were called to the scene. The Claimant required resuscitation whilst travelling to hospital.

Many years of experience in acting for the benefit of the victims of serious accidents

The Claimant was admitted to the ICU where further investigation was carried out which noted the following injuries:

  • Extensive facial fractures
  • Left sided haemothorax and pneumothorax associated with pulmonary contusions
  • Displaced fractures of the third to the tenth rib
  • Laceration of the spleen with haematoma around the right adrenal gland
  • Fracture to the left side of the pelvis including a displaced fracture of the left iliac wing
  • Left acetabular disruption
  • Fracture of the left femoral shaft.


The Claimant underwent 3 operations. In the earlier stages of his case, the Claimant was represented by another law firm. His previous lawyers submitted a claim on his behalf, but this claim was rejected by the insurers of the vehicle that hit him. His previous lawyers then advised him that they were no longer willing to pursue his case.

The Claimant then contacted Levenes Solicitors in the hope that he might still have a successful claim.

Levenes have pursued a number of successful accident claims that were rejected by other solicitors

Even though liability was denied, and his claim was turned down by his previous lawyers, Levenes Solicitors were able to secure the sum of £195,000.00 for his injuries and losses.

This case was dealt with by our lawyer Anamaria Nita and one of our firm’s partners, Ricky Baba. Levenes Solicitors have many years of experience in providing services to victims of serious accidents.

We cannot promise that we will win every case rejected by another Law firm, but we are often able to win settlements for our clients when other lawyers are unable or do not believe that there is any chance of success. Sometimes we see something they have missed which makes all the difference.

Legal help for Life Changing Injury

Our specialised lawyers can help accident victims recover their compensation. You will need expert advice on what actions can be taken to obtain accident compensation. You can trust the experience and expertise of our team of professional serious injury solicitors to win the maximum amount you are entitled to.

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Case rejected by previous law firm settles for £195,000 after Levenes took over

18 Dec 2020Road Traffic Accident

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I want to thank you infinitely for the great job you did with my case! For me it was very difficult the moment, being away from home, without managing the language well, without the slightest idea of what to do and with the only desire for justice to be done! But you did it. You were always attentive to all my doubts, concerns, etc... Above all, I want to highlight the human treatment that I received from both of you! Many thanks!!! Juan Pablo de la Camara