Pedestrian brain Injury claim

Levenes brain injury team have recovered £180,000 in damages for a pedestrian client who was hit by a car as he was crossing a road in London.

In the very early hours of a Christmas Eve, after spending the night celebrating with a friend, our client was making his way home on foot when he was hit by a car. He did not remember the accident. He remembered crossing the road and suddenly seeing a bright light which he thought must have been a car’s headlights. The next memory he had was waking up in the hospital.

Initially he was not even sure if he was hit by a car. He thought that he could have been attacked by someone. He instructed Levenes as soon as he was discharged from the hospital. Having made enquiries with the police and London ambulance service, we were able to establish the circumstances of the accident and the parties involved quite quickly. After hitting our client, the driver left the scene of the accident, leaving him lying in the road. However, the street was equipped with CCTV cameras which were able to capture the defendant’s vehicle, but not the actual accident. It enabled the police to trace the driver.

Head and Brain Injury Claims Solicitors

Levenes always do everything possible to get our clients the necessary treatment and financial support they need. When a person suffers a serious injury that continues to affect their life on a day-today basis, it is imperative to submit the claim as soon as possible so that the effects could be minimised, usually by the defendant insurer paying for rehabilitation and other needs.

Personal Injury experts in handling difficult high-value claims

While liability was never admitted we were able to obtain an interim payment for our client as he was unable to return to work and provide for himself. He has been suffering from the symptoms of a brain injury such as fatigue and concentration problems amongst others, which caused obstacles in his everyday life. He also suffered damage to his hearing in his left ear and vision in his right eye.

As always, we only used the best medical experts and arranged for our client to examined by various medical experts and have various neuropsychological tests taken

Continuously from the beginning of the claim, we fight for the highest possible compensation which constitutes the main pillar of our law firm’s goal.

We had to take our client’s case to court to ensure that he was properly compensated. Insurance companies will always look to save themselves money in order to make profits and so it is normal for the insurer to do everything possible to avoid paying out or to reduce what they have to pay. This is why it is important that in a fight with them you, the injured person, have in your corner a specialist personal injury firm with at least 30 years of experience and the resources and willingness to pursue claims in the best interests of the client. Sometimes the clams process can seem like a battle between David and Goliath, because the insurer seems to have all the resources to fight the case, and the injured person is all alone. With Levenes, you are not alone. We will enable you to take on the insurer and fight hard for you.

In this case the insurer instructed very known defendant solicitors specialists in insurance litigation, who thought that they had found a loophole in the insurance cover to get out of paying. Luckily for our client he had a top legal team fighting in his corner including Levenes’ Head of Catastrophic Injury Tim Beasley and Igor Kholodenko, who stopped at nothing that was thrown at them and forced the insurer to negotiate a settlement of the claim soon after issuing court proceedings.

If you ever happen to find yourself up against Goliath it is important to have the right David in your corner fighting for you.

Levenes Solicitors was founded by David Levene in 1989 and since then have been taking on the Goliath’s of this world.

Pedestrian accident claims

Our specialist lawyers can help victims involved in a car accident recover compensation. You will need expert advice on what action you can take to obtain accident compensation. You can trust in the experience and knowledge of our team of professional serious injury lawyers to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to.

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Successful brain injury claim for a pedestrian hit by a car

23 Jul 2020Road Traffic Accident

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I would like to thank Levenes especially Raquel Roman for her professional approach to my car accident. Not only did she approach my case with compassion and professionalism but she also went that extra mile personally to make sure I was OK. I would strongly recommend this company and Raquel. I am so grateful for all their hard work. Sharon