Levenes Win Holiday Accident Compensation

Levenes expert injury lawyers acted on behalf of The Claimant, helping to recover holiday accident compensation after an injury in the Dominican Republic. The Claimant, was injured on the hotel premises.

Accident whilst on Holiday to a Dream Destination

The Claimant and his wife paid about £2,500 for their dream 2 week holidays in a 5 star hotel with a private beach. They were looking forward to their dream holiday. Unfortunately, the holiday mood didn’t last long. The Claimant was injured on the 2nd day in the designated swimming section of the private beach belonging to the hotel.

Despite wearing swimming shoes, the claimant pierced his foot on a metal wire protruding from a concrete structure submerged in the water. It is believed that the hotel must have been aware of its presence in the swimming area. Yet, there was no information or any warning signs provided to the holidaymakers. It later transpired that the structure was manufactured on the hotel grounds!

The Claimant’s foot swelled profusely, and their holidays were soon over. On return home he still required treatment for an infection in his injured foot and suffered other losses and expenses as a result.

Despite advertising the hotel on their website as having a private beach, the package holiday, company argued that the hotel did not own, control or manage the ocean.

How to claim holiday accident compensation

The issue in most holiday accident compensation cases, is that you must prove negligence in relation to the country’s “local standards”. This can deter people that have been injured whilst on holiday. However, with the right contacts it is possible to hire a local expert to prepare a report setting out the relevant “local safety standards”.

Levenes, as members of the Pan-European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers, found such an expert. A report was compiled to prove that the condition of the swimming section of the private hotel beach fell below the local safety standards.

It was a difficult case with a lot of hurdles to overcome but Levenes did not give up and issued court proceedings.

In the end, the holiday company engaged in settlement negotiations just 2 days before the trial. The claimant recovered damages for personal injury whilst on holiday. Compensation was also awarded for other losses and expenses, including the cost of holidays that both and his wife lost enjoyment of.

The case was conducted by our Polish speaking solicitor Joanna Mackiewicz under supervision of senior partners, Tim Beasley and Colin Martyr.

Injured abroad? You could claim.

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Levenes Recover Holiday Accident Compensation

23 May 2019Accident Abroad

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Please say thank you to Mr Colin Martyr on my behalf for his hard work. He is the best solicitor in the world and I am glad that I allowed him "to worry for me". I did not expect such great final result. I am ecstatic and I would like to thank everybody who was involved in my case. A.B.