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Levenes have settled the claim of a van driver for a 6-figure sum following an accident during the course of his employment at hotel premises

Mr YI was an experienced laundry delivery driver whose job involved the collection and delivery of linen from hotel premises. His duties required him to push heavy metal cages containing linen across the premises.

Public liability insurance covers compensation for injuries caused whilst on public premises

On the day of his accident, he was doing this on a hotel premises, when one of the wheels of the trolley became caught in a defect in the concrete floor. The cage toppled over and caused him to fall, suffering injury.

He was taken to hospital where he was diagnosed with a fractured right pelvis and a rupture to a ligament in his right thumb. He underwent surgery to both and was hospitalised for more than three weeks. He was unable to work for eight months following the accident.

When he returned to work, he was unable to return to his old duties as he could not tolerate driving all day and so he was put on new duties and suffered a pay cut.

The accident changed his life as he had to give up the job he had done for 25 years.

To his credit, he got himself a second job, to try to mitigate his loss and had the case gone to trial, the judge would have been impressed with him and very sympathetic.

Who was to blame for injuries that occurred during the course of employment in a public place

His claim was against the insurers of the hotel, not his employers, as it was the fault of the hotel that the ground was uneven. Although he was sent to this hotel by his employers, they had no control over the workplace. The hotel should have foreseen that there was a risk of injury to visitors who come to the hotel for work reasons.

Public places such as hotels, shops or car parks have a duty of care to ensure that their premises are safe to use for visitors.

Court proceedings

In this case, settlement was not agreed initially. Levenes Solicitors had to issue court proceedings to obtain a settlement that Mr YI was entitled to.

There were negotiations between the parties and settlement was agreed without the case going to Trial.

Mr YI was an impressive and hard-working man, and it was to his credit that he did his best to increase his earnings following his accident.

Mr YI was represented by Solicitor, Raquel Roman and Partner, Tim Beasley

Making a Public Liability Claim

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A 6-figure settlement following an accident at hotel premises

16 Apr 2021Public Liability

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Please say thank you to Mr Colin Martyr on my behalf for his hard work. He is the best solicitor in the world and I am glad that I allowed him "to worry for me". I did not expect such great final result. I am ecstatic and I would like to thank everybody who was involved in my case. A.B.